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Old Coyote with a brand new gun
is shooting stop signs and dancing in the road
A trail of spent shells lead to the forbidden woods

While Midas touch might of turned things gold
Shotgun blows kisses, makes everything holy
Coyote grins wide
'cause he threatens the shape of this world

With a shotgun

One dog carnival in a borrowed coat
The one that separates the bait from the hook
When men and gods get stiff he's the scheme and the oil can

And the people are restless
The priest is tired
The whole damned town is more dead than alive
because they've known no glory
Enters: The thunderstorm

With a shotgun

Hello, my name is Coyote
I've come with a message
Order has grown boring
Before you know me as the answer to your prayers
You'll know me as entropy
I will undo you

Down goes the courthouse
Down goes the clock
Down goes the church
The priest is running naked in socks,
screaming: Work of the Devil! You righteous better cover your eyes!
but nobody hears him over shotgun fire
The townsfolk are drunk and dancing 'round the pyre
of what they knew to be sacred
The night is long and glows orange
and burns

Morning comes
Coyote is gone
and the dazed wake in the road of the new world
All they've ever known is now crackling rubble
Grown men cry because they don't know what's left to do

When the priest, who is now wearing leather and feathers,
shouts: Fear not! You've been visited by an angel!
Focus your eyes before the dust settles
Through every shotgun hole God's light shines through


from Spirits Rebellious, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


The LoLos Chico, California

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